From the Monoi of the mamas.
to the Monoi de Tahiti A.O.
A real encounter with the people
behind Monoi!

The Monoi week is very special indeed because it allows you to meet the people that make Monoi! In their capacity of traditional monoi caretakers, the Mamas share their island-based manufacturing secrets while the brands reveal how they manufacture Monoi AO, as we know it in its little bottle.


Monoi of the Society Islands
Tiare Tahiti flower Monoi
In the Society Islands, Monoi is "homemade", starting with freshly grated coconut. The fully-opened and dried flowers are mixed with the coconut. The preparation is then left in the sun for several days before producing the precious and fragrant oil.

Vahine Tehua's Miri Miri Monoi
Inspired by the first edition of Monoi Here, T Vahine M started a Miri Miri monoi collection, using the wild basil of the same name, as a homage to her grandmother and the fragrant memories she has of her.

A Monoi fountain, to let Monoi settle
Tierry Epoi of the Te Manu Fa'ara Association has concocted a Monoi fountain that allows Monoi to settle, giving rise to a clearer and more homogenous oil. The family business has also moved into handcrafts with their production of original, hand-engraved Monoi bottles.

Tuamotu Monoi
The Noga Noga Monoi
Riki Puna de Tatakoto's offering is a Noga Noga Monoi used for hair and scalp treatment. Plants are mixed with grated coconut preferably a sprouting coconut, the Uto. The preparation is placed inside a cloth woven in coconut fibre and spun to extract a lotion that is directly applied to the hair.

Kahaia is used in the preparation of skincare Monoi. The intestine of a bernard-hermit is frequently added by the mamas to the mixture of plants and grated coconut to accelerate the separating of the oil.

Marquesas Monoi
Humuei, allying decoration and care
The Humuei or Kumu'hei is a bouquet of fragrant plants worn by Marquesas women as a scented necklace or headdress to attract their beloved.
For the mamas, it's all about getting the ingredient mix of the "love bouquet" right for maximum aphrodisiac effect. Worn in the hair, its power is even more effective! Monoi made of the same plants also bears the name Humu'hei.

Monoi with "irresistible" fragrances!
The Monoi in the Marquesas Islands, known as pani, enchants the senses by the exuberance of its sensual fragrances and captivating ingredients. The fragrances of wild basil, Kaupe, Vetiver and Sandalwood combine with the warm colours of Rea or Pineapple to produce irresistible Monoi.

Traditional Monoi . to the AO Monoi
Product quality, authentic Polynesian ingredients and manufacturing process.
Monoi de Tahiti Appellation of Origin is a product whose definition is of the utmost precision to meet the quality norms of the international cosmetic industry and allow the effective protection of an appellation that belongs to the Polynesian cultural patrimony.

Manufacturing Monoi de Tahiti
Monoi de Tahiti is made whith Tiare Tahiti flowers is macerated in refined coprah oil. The flowers are gathered at bud stage and plunged the very next day at the latest in the oil for at least ten days. The oil obtained is then left to settle and filtered.