The oil with 2000 years' history!
What does that involve exactly.

Where does the word "Monoi" come from? Beyond its cosmetic properties, this
centuries-old traditional product is indisputably part and parcel of Polynesian cultural
patrimony. In their lectures, scientists and university professors explained the cultural and
economic implications of Monoi.

From Monoi
  Sylvia Richaud, lecturer of Reo Maohi at the University of French Polynesia, explores the history of the word "Monoi" and explains the different uses of the product in traditional society.

Sandalwood and biodiversity
  The newfound esteem attached to Monoi gives us the chance to discover or re-discover the wealth of aromatic and medicinal Polynesian plants - and through them what is at stake in terms of biodiversity. Stéphane Defranoux, forestry engineer for the Rural Development Department, presents Polynesia's high-regard and preservation programme for Polynesian sandalwood.

Coprah-culture and its social impact
  Cultural habits deeply impact the culture of a society. Taking the example of the coconut tree, Patrice Perrin invites us to re-discover the role played by coprah culture on the biodiversity and environment in Polynesian culture.

The 1st book dedicated to Monoi
  Monoi Here was the perfect opportunity to launch the first book about monoi ever published (publishers, Au Vent des Iles).