From massage oil.
to sun oil.
Monoi and its many different uses.

At once massage oil and the promise of well-being, a ritual treatment or remedy.Monoi is
inextricably linked to the Polynesian art of living. Whilst the whole world uses it first and foremost as
a suncare oil,Monoi Here is a chance to discover the virtues and different uses of this precious oil
which too often remains unknown.


When spas find their sources in ancient gestures and know-how
  One of the essential functions of monoi is its use as a massage oil.
Three Polynesian spa representatives, Hélène Sillinger, the Radisson Spa and Manea Spa, experts in the art of natural living and well-being, use the virtues of Monoi to demonstrate ancient bodycare practices very much brought up-to-date.

Monoi as a remedy
  Traditional medicine, still practised in Tahiti, is known as Ra'au Tahiti. Rosita Maihi practises Ra'au Tahiti in Papeete. She talked to us about Raru Parai (ointments), Raau hopu (baths) and Taurumi (massage).

Monoi in expert hands
  Hand in hand with the traditional Polynesian massage taurumi, Monoi is the sacred oil which enables the masseur's expert hands to create an intimate and spiritual relationship with the skin and soothe inner tension by stimulating the flow of energy throughout the body.

Re-inventing Monoi
  This week was also the opportunity to bring all the inspirational potential of Monoi to the forefront. From refined monoi to fun Monoi, this oil is now more creative and vital than ever as all territories - from the traditional craftsmanship of the unique bottles to the playful and regressive "Malabar"candy-fragranced Monoi are being explored.

The cult brands of monoi were there !
Ambassadors themselves of an Monoi de Tahiti, Monoi Here also paid homage to the leading manufacturers of monoi who have made it possible to export the monoi cult throughout the world.
16 brands were present, including :
Tiki parfumerie, Heiva, Reva de Tahiti, Monoï Royal, Vahiné Tahiti, Tahiti Essentiels, La Tahitienne, Hei Poa, Here Iti, le Laboratoire du Formulateur, le Comptoir des Monoï, Rau Hotu Monoï, Tahiti Ora.