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A cult product, Monoi is used by the women in Polynesia as a reparative ointment on their long and bwatertiful hair. With an often rich and luscious fragrance, shining with golden reflections, Monoi de Tahiti seems vested with the same mysterious and seductive power attributed to hair in many cultures throughout the world.
Prepared with fresh buds of Tiare flowers, Monoi is an essential hair care product used against the drying effects of the sun, the winds and sea salt. Its reparative properties on the hair fiber have been validated by a series of tests initiated by the Monoi Institute.

The nourishing and embellishing sap has been formulated to nourish and repair dry and fragile hair.
At the heart of the formula: Monoi de Tahiti is associated with a cocktail of actives: a guava pulp rich in vitamins, a moisturizing and restructuring extract of Sebala Serulata, a purifying essential oil of sandalwood, and rematerializing extract of gypsophila.

/100,0 g
Emulgade 1000 NI
Cetearyl alcohol & ceteareth 20
Monoï de Tahiti
Cocos nucifera-Gardenia tahitensis
Acétate d'alpha-tocophérol
Tocopheryl acetate
Dehyquart A
Cetrimonium chloride
QSP 100,0
/100,0 g
Salcare super 7
Polyquaternium -7
Sepicide HB
Phenoxyethanol (and) methylparaben (and) ethylparaben (and) propylparaben (and) butylparaben
Pulpe de goyave
Psidium guajava extract
Extrait de sebala serulata
Serenoa serulata extract
Extrait de gypsophile
Propylene glycol (and) water (and) gypsophila paniculata root extract
Huile essentielle de bois de santal
Santalum austrocaledonicum

Peser la phase A et la phase B, faire chauffer ces deux phases à 75°C, verser la phase B dans la phase A, émulsionner sous vide pendant 15 minutes. Refroidir ensuite à 40°C et verser la phase C. Continuer le refroidissement, et ajouter l'huile essentielle à 25°C. Agiter pour homogénéiser. Mesurer le pH, il doit être de 4,0 ± 0,2.