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Turquoise blue has a kind of regenerative quality. It feels like a remedy to stress and tiredness. It washes away daily stress, awakens the skin to a new radiance.
Rediscover Monoï de Tahiti in a mask formula: a way of combining the action of massage with the regenerative and purifying ritual of the mask.
Close your eyes and be inspired by the light of the lagoons, the fragrance of fresh flowers and enjoy all the benefits of an oil from Paradise.

After a day in the sun, the Blue Mask brings a delicious sensation of freshness and quietness - apply to the face, leave for a few minutes and gently massage onto the skin to fully benefit from its relaxing and regenerative virtues.
The mask leaves the skin soft and delighted.
At the heart of the formula, Monoi de Tahiti is combined with a Noni extract from French Polynesia and a vegetable extract which helps create positive sensations within the skin.

Glycopatch (Solabia)
Biosaccharide gum-4
Aqua / water
QSP 100,0
Citrifoline (Solabia)
Morinda citrifolia leaf extract
Tephroline (Soliance Group )
Water, propylene glycol,Tephrosia purpurea seed extract
Mono de Tahiti (Institut du Monoï)
Cocos nucifera-Gardenia tahitensis
Relaxant Fragrance (Floressence)
FD&C; blue N1 (LCW)
Blue 1
qs coloration

Heat the glycopatch to 55-60°C whilst stirring, add water, homogenise then add the other ingredients when hot. Pour when still hot.