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Monoï Here (pronounced Monoï Héré: the expression could be translated by “dear monoï” or “monoï lovely”… It evokes all the emotion felt by Polynesian for this cult product originating in Tahiti and Her Islands. It is also the name chosen by the Monoï Institute® for a unique event : the Monoï Festival.
Monoi Here
Started in 2007, Monoï Here has become a must attend cultural event in Tahiti. It is gathering “mamas” from the different archipelagos, scientists, cosmetic industry and spa professionals to meet with the public. This year, from November 20 to 23, the event will create once again the occasion of discovery and cross-fertilization on traditional recipes, plants from the Ma'ohi pharmacopoeia or the cultural aspects of monoï oil - an original and fruitful link between tradition and modernity.

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monoi here 2008
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