Article 1

The Monoi de Tahiti Interprofessionnel Association, also known as the Monoi Institute (French Polynesia council of ministers, decree 812 CM of 16th July 1992) with its registered offices located at: Route de l'Eau Royale - 98701 Arue Tahiti – French Polynesia (Mailing address: B.P 14165, 98701 Arue), is running a product formulation contest entitled: "Monoi de Tahiti International Product Formulation Contest" from September 1st 2004 to July 1st 2005.

Article 2 - Contest purpose

The purpose of this contest is to promote the use of “Monoi de Tahiti” in product formulations. Contestants are invited to explore the properties of “Monoi de Tahiti” designing a formula illustrating the following theme:

Monoi, Sublime care. The idea is to celebrate beauty through the combination of sensoriality and functionality - to draw inspiration from the clear transparency of blue lagoons, the scintillating and snowy texture of Tiare flowers, the voluptuous and silky feel of the oil, all the positive energy of Paradise… and imagine a day cream for a radiant complexion, sun care or self tanning products, active make ups or party products… sublime products to sublimate beauty.

Contestants must submit a formulation project on this theme.

Article 3 - Contest terms

This contest is open to all adults with expertise in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

Contestants must participate as individuals only.

Employees of companies that are active in the cosmetics or personal care industries must assure that their employers do no oppose their participation in the contest.

In addition, all participants must attest and guarantee that they are fully allowed and entitled to participate to the contest.

Each participant may submit only one entry

Article 4 - Prize allocation

The first 3 projects will be awarded the following prizes :

First Prize: A trip for two to French Polynesia

The prize includes:

  • Round-trip airfare for two to Papeete
  • All airport taxes
  • Private transportation necessary to complete the trip
  • Accommodation in a luxury hotel, based on double occupancy    Including a stay :
          . In the Island of Taha’a at the “Taha’a Private Island and Spa”
          . In the Island of Moorea at the “Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa”
  • Half-board

  • Second Prize: a laptop computer
  • a laptop from the HP Compaq NX 9 xxx series

  • Third Prize: a digital camera
  • Canon Ixus (with a resolution of at least 4 millions pixels)
  • Article 5 - Registration terms

    5.1. In order to participate, contestants must register online prior to May, 6th 2005 at the following address:

  • online at
  • Incomplete or illegible registration requests will not be accepted.

    5.2. Prior to registration, contestants must read and accept the contest rules and regulations which can be consulted on

    5.3 After confirming registration, contestants will receive a contest package within approximately two weeks via priority mail containing the following:
  • 5 standard 30 ml bottles, each marked with a contestant number
  • a 200 g sample of Monoi de Tahiti accompanied by a certificate of analysis and a material safety data sheet;
  • two stickers marked with the contestant number
  • a general information brochure on Monoi de Tahiti
  • a technical brochure on Monoi de Tahiti
  • a checklist of items to be submitted to the Monoi Institute
  • Article 6 - Formulation submission

    The contestant shall submit to the panel of judges a product based on Monoi de Tahiti corresponding to theme described in Article 2.

    The submissions must be sent in a stamped envelope to the contest address no later than July, 1st 2005.

    6.1 - Formulation submission contents

    For the panel of judges to evaluate a submission, the contestant must include:
    - Five bottles with a minimum of 20 ml of product per bottle;
    - A contestant submission form (that needs to be filled on line on, including the following information:

  • The name of the product;
  • A list of ingredients used (ingredients must be listed by both their commercial name and their INCI Europe name);
  • The concentration of Monoi de Tahiti used in the formula;
  • The possible presence of the product in the market;
  • The product type: day cream, body lotion, etc.
  • Two main product claims;
  • Advantages and originality of the formula;
  • How Monoi de Tahiti is highlighted in the product.

  • - A signed copy of the contest rules and regulations (can be downloaded online at, upon which one sticker with the contestant number should be affixed;

    - Signed and dated authorization to publish the ingredients in the formula (can be downloaded online at upon which one sticker with the contestant number should be affixed;

    - The completed checklist.

    The contestant package and the bottles may not contain any information allowing for the identification of the contestant other than the contestant number.

    6.2 - Product Compliance

    The product must comply with European and American regulations for cosmetics and personal care products.

    In addition, the claim product with “Monoi de Tahiti” is protected and requires a minimum concentration of Monoi de Tahiti in the formula.

    This concentration varies according to the category of product:
  • Products called "Monoi de Tahiti" must contain at least 90% Monoi de Tahiti;
  • Monoi de Tahiti Oil must contain at least 50% Monoi de Tahiti;
  • Monoi de Tahiti Soap must contain at least 30% Monoi de Tahiti;
  • Monoi de Tahiti toiletries products must contain at least 3% Monoi de Tahiti;
  • All other products with "Monoi de Tahiti", such as sun care products, must contain at least 1% Monoi de Tahiti.

  • 6.3 The submission must be exclusively written either in French or in English.

    6.4 Incomplete, illegible or late submissions, or those not compliant with these rules and regulations, will not be considered by the judges.

    Article 7 - Selection

    7.1 The jury will be composed of marketing and technical professionals of the Health and Beauty industries.

    7.2 Judges are not required to justify their decision.

    They will specifically, but not exclusively, use the following criteria:
    1. Marketing

  • Consistence of the project with the selected product category
  • The way Monoi de Tahiti is highlighted in the product
  • Product originality

  • 2. Technical
  • Feasibility
  • Originality
  • Safety
  • Microbiology
  • Consistence of the product with the claims

  • 3. Aesthetics
  • Fragrance
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Feeling on the skin

  • 7.2 The panel of judges will pre-select the best projects. From these finalists, they will select the best three submissions. This final selection should take place in September 2005.

    Article 8 - Publication of results

    Contestants will be informed of the contest results by e-mail.

    Submissions will not be ranked. However, finalists will be highlighted.

    Contest results will not be published in an official government journal.

    Article 9 - Ownership rights and confidentiality

    9.1 The contestant shall not, during this contest, violate third party rights in any way. The contestant states and guarantees that he or she owns the intellectual property used in the contest and/or is fully authorized by its owner.

    9.2 The contestant declares that he/she possesses all rights necessary for the participation in the contest as well as all rights to information, knowledge and results used and obtained during this contest and agrees to provide, upon request, all documents confirming these rights.

    9.3 If the Monoi Institute is sued for any reason related to the participation of a contestant in the contest and/or a violation of third-party rights by this contestant, the contestant expressly agrees to immediately pay for all legal expenses, regardless of their type, that the Monoi Institute may be temporarily or permanently responsible for, or will be required to pay as a settlement; more generally, the contestant agrees to assume all costs and risks related to the exercise and the consequences of the aforementioned actions.

    9.4 Participation in this contest does not result in any transfer of ownership rights to the Monoï Institute and does in no instance result in an obligation to use and/or market product formulations submitted by participants.

    9.5 The Monoi Institute shall not divulge any formulation submitted to the panel of judges during this contest. In addition, it shall require each member of the panel of judges to sign a confidentiality agreement requiring each judge to maintain the confidentiality of all information presented to them by contestants without disclosing it to any third party of any kind in accordance with Article 6 of this agreement.

    Article 10 -Monoi Institute Liability

    The Monoi Institute shall not be held responsible if circumstances beyond its control make it impossible to continue the contest as planned and if it must cancel, shorten, lengthen, postpone or modify the terms of the contest.

    The Monoi Institute cannot be held responsible for lost or delayed mail

    Article 11 - Claims

    Contest operation is at the complete discretion of the judges. Its decisions relating to the list of complete applications admitted for consideration, the selection process, the determination of the best three projects and any dispute resolution are final. No dispute or claim will be considered after a one-week period following the mailing of contest results via electronic mail.

    Article 12 - Fraud

    Any fraud or attempted fraud, and specifically any attempt made by a contestant to communicate any information to any member(s) of the panel of judges that would allow the latter to connect this contestant with a particular submission will result in permanent disqualification from the contestant.

    Article 13 - Additional Terms

    13.1 By participating in this contest, contestants authorize the publication and use of their names, addresses and photo and expressly surrender all rights and compensation related to the above.

    13.2 No further changes may be made to the formulation submission after it has been sent by the contestant.

    13.3 By participating in the Monoi de Tahiti International Product Formulation contest, contestants agree to abide by the terms of this agreement and the decisions made by the panel of judges.

    Article 14- Contest Information

    Concours du Monoï de Tahiti
    Institut du Monoï de Tahiti
    ZI Napollon
    530 avenue des templiers, bat 7
    13400 AUBAGNE


  • Telephone: + 33 (0)4 42 32 02 34
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