Born in the sun of the Pacific Islands, Monoi oil expresses all the magic of the lagoons.
Formulated with white sand or freshly grated coconut, spiced up with Rea Tahiti or enriched with Pacific algae, Monoi makes remarkable hedonic formulas
Imagine new beauty and well-being rituals with the concept formulas of the Monoi Institute.
Concept formula
Purifying Mousse with tiare flowers.
In this bi-phase formula, the water of a lagoon meets with Monoi oil a magic encounter where the purifyingsoftness of Tiare flowers is combined with
the minerals of the South Pacific.A detoxifying elixir to be enjoyed as a pure spray of positive energy, a gorgeous mist of flowers and fresh exotic fruits to quench the thirst of the skin and awaken the senses.
Beach Scrub with Bora Bora white sand
An exotic blend of Bora Bora white sand, hibiscus and coconut powders in an irresistible Monoi oil gel - to gently exfoliate the skin and shiver with pleasure.
Soothing mask with Noni fruit
A gel mask diffuse a soothing Noni extract and the silk feel of fresh tiare flowers in Monoi - for a pure moment of relaxation.
Massage milk with tropical flowers
Monoi de Tahiti emulsioned with a natural extract of Tiare flowers in a delicious massage milk – a supple and unctuous texture for an exquisite massage on the shore of a lagoon.
Monoï Addict
Produit culte et adulé , le Monoï est aujourd'hui référencé dans le monde entier par les grandes marques de la beauté et du bien- être