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Green, vital color… A line of balance between the fire of the volcanoes and the blue waters of the atolls. It evokes the freshness of a mysterious spring hidden in a luxurious tropical forest… Pape moe

In the Pacific Islands, the art of personal care has a name: Monoi - and a symbol: the Tiare flower.

Sacred elements of the ancient Polynesian myths, plants stand out as essential in the foundation of the traditional pharmacopoeia as well as in the elaboration of beauty rituals in Tahiti and her Islands.

Obtained through the maceration of fresh Tiare flowers in refined coconut Oil, skin and hair care products with Monoi de Tahiti celebrate the harmony between man and nature.

The texts and formulas in the inspiration guides are only presented as indicative projects for use by professionals in the Health and Beauty industries. The Monoi Institute does not offer any guarantee whatsoever relating to the efficacy, the stability or the safety of the different concepts. It is the responsibility of each individual user to check that formulated products comply with industry regulations.

LE MONOÏ DE TAHITI : Regenerative ingredient for the body and the soul