The ritual oil of royal ceremonies, the sacred product of the Oreai, Monoi produces voluptuous alchemies in the sun.
The purity of Tiare flowers combines with the gold of refined coconut oil to adorn the skin with a silky veil of grace and glitter. Combined with ylang ylang, Tahitian vanilla or Kaupe flowers, this beauty nectar leaves on the skin a soft and sensuous feel that transports the mind. A pure delight for all the senses...
Imagine new beauty and well-being rituals with the concept formulas of the Monoi Institute.
concept formula
Black mask with Tahitian Pearl
An extraordinary texture for a supple and unctuous massage of the skin – a gesture combining the virtues of a purifying mask and a precious exfoliation with Tahitian Pearls. The Umuhei, a Monoi from the Marquesas Islands, brings its irresistible sensuality to this marvelous skin-illuminating secret.
Island sap with Mango butter
A fresh and nourishing sap for the hair to indulge in glamorous sun baths. A gorgeous formula where the reparative virtues of Monoi are associated with the quenching properties of Wild Mango butter.
Skin nectar with liquid gold

A light micro-emulsion to wear like a golden veil during summer evenings. Formulated to soothe and hydrate the skin, this beauty secret is enriched with a soothing extract of brown alga from the lagoons.

Tanning care with Monoi de Tahiti

A glamorous light texture that deliciously melts on the skin. The sensual formula contains a sweet orange extract and Smart Vectors to protect skin cells against free radicals.

Produit culte et adulé , le Monoï est aujourd'hui référencé dans le monde entier par les grandes marques de la beauté et du bien- être