20 years anniversary

20 years ago, Monoï de Tahiti obtained its Appellation of Origin.The celebration is an opportunity to (re)discover the fabulous properties of a cult product, but also to review a unique approach to ethical sourcing in cosmetics.

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  Hair of legendary beauty

A traditional hair care against the damages induced by the sun or the sea, Monoï de Tahiti is now being rediscovered by consumer and professional brands for its nourishing and hair repair properties.

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May 29,31 - FCE Cosmetic
Sao Paulo - Brasil
June 19,21 - HBA
New York - USA
September 10,12 - Beyond Beauty
Paris - France
November 15,18
Monoï Here, the monoï week

road monoi
All year long the Monoï Road®, an “a la carte” itinerary offers the opportunity to explore Monoï de Tahiti® in situ and in all its states!

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