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  A cult product, Monoï de Tahiti inspires designers and beauty brands. It is the heart and soul of creative product concepts with luxurious benefits. Monoï Addict invites you to a world tour of Monoï many applications through its key market references.  
Divine encounters!
Monoï continues to astound us. No longer the key active ingredient used solely for sun care and hair enhancing formulas, sensuous Tiaré blossom extract is a genuine active concentrate now also found at the very heart of couture face care and lipstick products.

Unfurling its snowy whiteness in the warm sunlight of the Pacific islands, Tiaré blossom is a treasure trove of soothing and purifying benefits, which are delicately elicited by fine coconut oil.  Monoï is used in oil serums for the face (Albion), ultra-gentle makeup removers (Nars), anti-aging night creams (Raw Essentials) as wells as flamboyantly red, nourishing lipstick formulas.